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An article, Nurtured from the STEM Up, was featured in the October 13, 2013 International  Innovation Magazine.  Following is an excerpt .

Ensuring students from all backgrounds are given the opportunity to excel in STEM courses and careers is key to strengthening knowledge in these disciplines. Dr John K Coleman provides an overview of LINC, a multimedia project designed to boost participation and achievement among underserved students and specifically among family, friends and STEM personnel at other institutions. Student researchers and potential summer intern partners can review the kinds of research topics in which our scholars participate, as well as appreciate that they have excelled in their work based upon their record of winning recognition at national competitive events.

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Langston University’ Our Pride magazine (Volume 05, 2016) features an article about LINC, A Decade’s Worth of Work. The article provides an overview of the LINC program and its contribution of  excellence in the LU STEM community, as well as the contribution of excellent STEM professionals to Oklahoma and the nation.

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Dr. Coleman gave numerous presentations on the LINC program.  Examples are:

QEM logoPresentation to the Quality Education of Minorities (QEM) Network.  Presentations were given in New Orleans and Baltimore.  The presentation featured here was given in Baltimore, MD  on Evidence Based Instructional Strategies: Competency Performance Recordings for Learning (CPR-L). The presentation was also given at the NSF-SEIS conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Read the entire presentation here.


Presentation to the National Conference on Learner-Centered Teaching, Tulsa, OK. The presentation was on Technology in the Classroom: Langston University’s STEM Digital Village featuring CPR- for Learning, where scholars use digital media to improve problem-solving skills. Read the entire presentation here.

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