Info Dissemination

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Langston University, through the grantee’s application, agreed to disseminate the results of work  completed with National Science Foundation support.  The LINC project, together with Langston, is doing that.

During the course of this grant, information derived from the process has been shared through a number of mediums., reaching tens of thousands.

Our STEM Digital Village is at the forefront of information sharing, among the Langston University community and worldwide. It serves as an information source for STEM study aids, access to scholarships and research internships, events announcements, and most importantly it showcases LINC program and scholar successes.

Our Principal Investigator has been invited to present elements of the LINC project at a number of venues during the course of the grant. Presentations have been made at the National Conference on Learner-Centered Teaching in Tulsa, OK (2010); Langston University’s Technology in the Classroom Presentation to faculty and staff (2010); and at Quality Education for Minorities (QEM) presentations in New Orleans,  Las Vegas, and Baltimore, MD (Instructional Strategies, 2012).

An average of 15 research presentations have been made annually to participants at   regional Oklahoma Research Day at Oklahoma’s Capitol, Beta Kappa Chi/National Institute of Science (NISBKX) Joint Meetings and Emerging Researchers National Conferences (ERN) easily disseminated LINC’s results to thousands during the past  8-9 years.

Langston has featured articles about LINC in the school’s Gazette newspaper .  The newspaper is disseminated throughout the HBCU community nationwide.

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